Which semesters are admitted?

Application is open to all medical students.


Do we actually study during this project and do we get marks for any subject or is it more like an excursion?

The idea corresponds to an excursion. There are no marks and its not primarily thought as a study week, but more a week to get an insight into the system of the respective country.



Does the project only involve medical students?

Yes, the project only involves medical students.


What is included in the price?

The price includes the flight ticket, all entrance fees of the twinning and all medical activities. During the week abraod it covers transportation as well as one meal a day in the visited city.


If we miss any classes during the twinning week, is that a problem?

Classes missed due to Twinning count as absent time. If you have trouble with certain classes that can not be missed or if you have to work as a tutor during our week in Gießen talk with us and it will not be a problem. On the other hand, missing all morning activities during the Gießen week because of university is not fair to your twin and therefore will not be accepted.


Is this project financed by EMSA?

The project is unfortunately not financed by EMSA.


Wie erfolgt die Auswahl?
Die Auswahl der 15 Teilnehmer erfolgt durch die Auswahlkomission anhand vorheriger Erfahrungen, Motivation sowie Interesse für zukünftiges Engagement.